He sits silently under the obtrusive fluorescent glow. He speaks to himself of his day, slowly and rhythmically. He doesn’t listen. No one listens. Shortly, he decides to leave, and he does. When he arrives at his home he realises he has gone the wrong direction. He turns around and sees the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. He blinks. She is gone; in fact was never there. He walks back to where he was to begin with and begins speaking to himself again. Soon he tires of doing this and sits in silent meditation. He hears footsteps behind him and he turns to see who it is. Emptiness. He returns to face forward and the girl is sitting directly in front of him, facing him. He begins to speak but has nothing to say. She speaks to him and tells him of her day. He listens and watches. Soon she says that she must go. She rises, and so does he. She leaves and as he prepares to leave as well, he realises that he’s already home.