I wrote this short story as part of an assignment demonstrating imagery for my AP English class. This piece later won first place in a short story contest at my high school.
Syla Cowers in the Dark

Her blue-green eyes dart around, searching. Off to her left she hears a scuffling sound and jerks her head to stare into the darkness surrounding her. As she turns her head her shoulder-length hair whips around her bare shoulders. As a sudden blast of cold air passes through her, frightening her, she begins to wish she had worn something warmer than a tank-top and shorts.

From the darkness another sound asserts itself. A rhythmic rasping sound, not unlike breathing. Syla prepares to run, but realises that the only place to run would be into the darkness, and she most certainly did not want to leave the light.

Syla looks at the watch around her thin wrist. The face is blank. She fingers the silver ring around her finger nervously.

The noise from the darkness is moving now, circling her just out of sight beyond the circle of illumination. Syla notices movement on the metallic floor and realises that the small area of light around her is shrinking still smaller. Very slowly the edge of the umbra is working its way towards her. As she watches the shadows encroach on her, another scratching noise appears opposite the first. Syla briefly considers her options and makes her decision.

With her hair flying, reflecting the waning light, she runs into the shadows.

The above illustration is provided courtesy of the wonderful artist Faith Erin Hicks.