I wrote this for my Creative Writing class.  We were to write a story containing the word "nuclear", among others.  As one can see, I chose a humourous approach.

They weren’t kidding when they decided to call it the “nuclear burger”. It certainly was glowing, which is something I definitely wasn’t expecting when I ordered it. It only cost me three bucks and it sounded tasty. I figured it would be hot, but not radioactive. A question comes to mind about where they store the radioactive patties they haven’t served yet. Well, at least they don’t have to bother with heating these things.

I was thoroughly impressed with the flavour. Granted I had never eaten any radioactive food before, but I certainly would never have suspected that it would taste this good. Aside from the “nuclear burger” burning my tongue fairly completely, it left me wanting to take a second bite.

I began to feel nauseous, but at the time it didn’t seem important. I continued eating the burger, savouring every bite. By this time, however, I had gotten fairly sick, and I came to the conclusion as I lost consciousness that perhaps I was succumbing to food poisoning. I resolved to speak to the manager...