I wrote this during an idle class period.  A year later, when I needed a new online persona, I chose the name Deledrius from this story. I've been using it ever since.

Deledrius walks slowly down the hall examining each doorway carefully as he passes them. None look particularly intriguing, and so he continues walking. Deledrius comes to the end of the hall to find another running perpendicular to his. Its walls are not blue, however, but instead are blindingly red. He chooses to go left, but soon comes to a dead-end and so backtracks to the junction. It's not there. The red hall only continues as far as he can see, with no interruptions. After a bit of walking, he discovers a door labeled ‘LABEL’. He opens it and steps through into a wider but putrid green hallway. He turns in order to return to the red hall only to find the green hall continues infinitely in that direction as well. He decided to walk in this direction nonetheless and soon comes upon a window that displays a view of a landscape unlike anything he has seen before. Strangely translucent, coloured liquids move viscously through the misty air, circling peculiar monopedal reptile-like creatures. Faintly, Deledrius can hear an unusual, inexplicable song that drives into his soul. He attempts to open the window, and to his surprise it opens easily.

Deledrius is immediately struck by the sweet smelling air that assaults his nose, particularly in contrast to the stale, dry air that had so comforted him moments before. Nevertheless he climbs through the window and finds himself surrounded by the singing monopedal reptiles. He looks back at the window and is not surprised to see that neither the window nor even the wall remain. Instead he sees what appears to be a human approaching him.

“Hello,” the man cheerfully interjects, “I've been expecting you. Did you have any trouble finding your way?”

“No,” Deledrius responds, “None at all...”