Sweat glistened under her neck and on her arms as she ran in the blistering heat.  She shivered nonetheless.  She couldn't remember what she was running from, but even so she was not about to let it catch up to her.  She knew that she must defy it at all costs.  It gave her purpose.  She turned sharply to the right, as she had done so many times before, hoping to lose the vicious animal that incessantly chased her.  Her long, black hair clung to her wet shoulders, long since fallen from the style it had once been in.  Behind her, she could hear the sound of her pursuer slowly gaining on her.  She realised that after all this time, after all of her running, she would soon lose this fight.  Nonetheless she refused to relent.  She would continue, no matter how many times it caught her.  She felt it immediately behind her.  She could feel the cool breath at her back; truly a cold contrast to the inferno that she ran through.  She did not allow the fear she felt to be betrayed by breathing any differently than she had all along.  She would not give it the satisfaction of her fear.

It was upon her.  She was appalled by the comfort it offered. The cool, comfortable caress of this evil thing that had chased her; had caught her.  There were countless others there as well, beckoning her to join them and be happy.  She would never allow herself to be tempted by this obvious deception.  She fought, fought to be released.  Eventually the beast gave her up to the tiresome chase she had lost but moments ago.  She began running, putting as much distance between herself and the thing that she had wrested herself free of, knowing that it would renew its chase at any moment, and it did.