I wrote this after researching Franz Kafka for a paper in AP English. It was inspired by his works.

Overlooking the harbour, the oppressive gray fog rolls in over the wharf. I begin to walk towards my destination, the rough weathered boards of the dock creaking beneath my weary feet. I walk slowly for I know the outcome of my arrival: emptiness. I hate being alone and it’s even worse on the open sea. The quiet yet incessant groaning of the ship bores holes in my soul.

Out of the fog in front of me steps a man dressed entirely in white. He stands completely still, staring at me, staring into my eyes. I am surprised; it’s not everyday you see a man in a suit any further than the upper streets. I am suddenly aware of my ragged appearance. A wave of disgust at my coverings passes over me and I waver, feeling faint.

“Why are you here?” says a calming, comfortable voice emanating from the elegant man. The voice is familiar to me, but there is an urgency in it, an impatience for an answer that is entirely new. I consider asking him the same question, but instead I tell him that I belong here. A look of disappointment washes over his face, and after what seems like several minutes, he turns and returns to the fog from which he came, leaving swirling wisps of gray mist behind him.

I walk after him, toward my ship. I do not see him again; he must have turned off onto another deck or perhaps onto a ship. Shortly I arrive at my ship, the Tarangel, and walk up the neglected gangplank onto the deck, which has been dampened by the fog. My first officer and several other crew members run over to me as soon as they catch sight of me.

“Where were you? We’ve been invited to a celebration of some sort in the market. May we go, Captain?” I consider this, wondering why they should even bother asking me. I give them leave to attend and shortly they are gone. Alone again. I gaze around at the deck, staring at the fog which is coming over the ship, getting thicker every moment.

I walk to my quarters and open the door. I ignore the squeal of the hinges as I step in and close the door. My eyes don’t take long to adjust to the light. Out of the darkness steps the man in white.