This one was written about some events that I saw happening around me at school. I still am fond of line 14. I also firmly believe in asking the final two questions posed in this poem. I don't see how war should even be possible in today's world, and yet there are people who constantly think war is an inevitability of life...

Look where we are
at what we have become;
fighting what we despise,
we despise ourselves for fighting.
friend against friend
Sister against sister.
over the simple, yet immutable
albeit insignificant portion
of a meaningless beginning,
to a potentially meaningless continuation.
What are we fighting for?
What are we killing all we love, for?
A simple truth?
or simply a simple self-deception?
Sometimes we should wonder
are there really any wars worth fighting?
Are there really any wars?

All contents Copyright © 1997 Joseph Davies