I'm still not quite sure about what this one means, but I've always liked the imagery I put into it, as well as the "sudden" ending.

The statues stood in an uneven circle,
Whispering loud rumours of every kind.
The cold stone eyes stared each other down
Until only a pile of smouldering rubble remained.

The oceans washed up and washed away
The remnants of this concrete past;
Pulsing and pounding until nothing remained
Except the delicate flowing of the shining sands.

Animals of everywhere began to populate
This place of despair and hopelessness.
They talked and danced and sang
Until their happiness overwhelmed their reason.

Their deaths were swift and painful.
Their glee was punished by loss.
The stones they built stood once again
And began to whisper once more.

All contents Copyright © 1999 Joseph Davies