Of Course

January 15, 2001

Of course it all becomes a strict matter of common decency.
when all is said and done (and done)
it may become necessary to destroy
all that lay before you
in the path to your destiny.
That is not to say one should abandon
all honour and natural objections to unnatural injustice.
Of course things may revert
to a state less ”civilized“
but this is to be expected
when face with the (mostly) irrational fear
that comes from the edge of
that not known.
Of course it is obvious that one
everything eventually falls under the weight
of so heavy a burden
but only he ”strong“ will perish
when faced with such an indelible
foe of such deceptively lethal
Of course the only ones who are made to suffer
also carry the additional burden of awareness;
The full knowledge of all that is gained
all that may be lost
and naturally
all that may be found.


January 15, 2001

Would you so willingly leave me here
if I had done
so many of the things I could not do?
So here we are, and I
for what seems like years
(because it has been)
and still you don’t return to me
Perhaps I have yet to meet you
and all that I have seen
was merely wishful thinking.
It doesn’t change my patient waiting
waiting to fill you
waiting to fill me
here I am eager, ready,
all is set (I hope) for you to ask
the one simple, limitless
Question of All Truths
to which I already know the answer
and (im)patiently await the opportunity
to respond
without hesitation
or doubt
the simple, limitless
Answer of One Truth:
I Love You.

All contents Copyright © 2001 Joseph Davies