Another poem that I like quite a bit, though I'm at a loss to say why this one in particular intrigues me.

What truth is there
that betrays itself to it's master
besides that which is truly a lie?
For truth indelible cannot be bought,
bartered, or bargained.
It is Indivisible and complete,
But cannot be gained without cost.
For everything of worth cannot be
found but sought for.
What is the use of a war that one
cannot lose? Nothing can be gained, for
nothing shall be lost.
The purpose of the ideal, the truth, is
its purpose, not the achievement.
What manner of Beast devours and
blackens the human soul more than
a lust for decietful truths?
Destroy the Beast! Destroy the Beast!
But beware: to destroy the beast is
to destroy oneself.
However, in the loss of oneself, one
gains eternity, and the truths locked inside.

All contents Copyright © 1997 Joseph Davies