Welcome and well met, traveler! I am Deledrius, and I shall be your guide through the perilous Labyrinth. There are many strange and ponderous things to see during your visit, but beware and do not stray from the path I lead. There are many dangers here, and only I know their secrets. How do you wish to begin your journey...?


2006-8-22 - Finally fixed the missing image pages. 'Twas a simpler problem than I expected.

2005-1-08 - Finally finished converting the Long Stories and Poems to the new format.

2004-6-29 - I had to bump up putting the new site live, so some things are still missing. Please excuse the dust.

2004-4-06 - Marisa didn't like the welcome page, so it's gone now... RIP my little welcome page.

2004-4-05 - Began work on new site!